You can learn more about a man in one hour of play than in a year         of  conversation.

According to the article,
The Real Education Gap,  Chief Learning Officer Jan 2012, “The 2010 American Management  Association (AMA) Critical Skills Survey showed that overwhelming majorities of executives had begun to emphasize a new set of skills that was neither intuitive for most people nor taught in school. These skills were dubbed “The Four C’s” and consist of:

Critical thinking and problem solving

The ability to make decisions, solve problems and take actions as appropriate.

Effective communication

The ability to transmit ideas in written/oral forms that move people  to action.

Collaboration and team building

The ability to build teams  from diverse groups with opposing points of view.

Creativity and Innovation

The ability to see what’s not there and make something happen.


Play allows infusion of creativity, invention, innovation, problem solving, communication,  and  collaboration into an  environment  quickly.

All the elements necessary for:




Leadership Development 

Market Entry 

Mergers &



Turnaround & Restructuring


So stop talking and PLAY!


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